Purifies large areas

Oz Pro/Air makes it possible to purify air and destroy odors in large, unoccupied spaces, office buildings and underneath homes. After natural disasters such as flooding, Oz Pro/Air can eliminate odor and turn mold to dust.

Professional Grade Ozone Delivery

The Oz Pro/Air is for professional grade ozone delivery where higher concentrations and longer contact times are needed. It’s great for unoccupied-larger spaces, under homes, and for commercial uses. Mold, mildew, smoke damage, and strong odors are easily eliminated with this heavy duty machine. This is unit is designed for shock treating an area and must be used in an unoccupied space.

Ozone seeks out and kills pathogens.

Dr. Joshua Birkebak, Ph.D., laboratory manager at Assured Bio, explains the science behind ozone and its many benefits.

Ozone is mother nature’s cleanser. It is naturally formed and can be found within the stratospheric layer of our atmosphere; you probably know it as the “ozone layer.”

Mother Nature uses energy to trigger two oxygen atoms to collect a third, creating O3. When O3, or ozone, encounters a pathogen, one of the oxygen atoms separates, pierces the cell wall and destroys it. After ozone’s purifying work is done, all that remains is O2 — the oxygen we breathe. The FDA, USDA and EPA have approved ozone as an antimicrobial disinfectant. 3,000 times faster and 50% more powerful than bleach, ozone kills staph, salmonella, ecoli, listeria, strep, MRSA, mold, mildew and more. . . and leaves no chemical residue.

Case: Skunked out

Recommendation: Use Oz Pro/Air in the crawl space

Result: Odor eliminated

Jennifer's story:

"My beloved dog chased a skunk and it ran under my house to hide, spraying him in the process. The smell was horrific and there was no way we could sleep in the house with smell coming through the ventilation system. After I caught and released the skunk, I borrowed my uncle’s Oz Pro. I placed it in the crawl space and cycled it on and off for 24 hours. It worked! The skunk smell was gone, and we had our home back. And hopefully, my dog has learned his lesson. I’m definitely going to invest in an Oz Pro/Air for myself."

Case: Flooded Flip House

Recommendation: Use Oz Pro/Air for mold remediation

Result: Odor and mold eliminated

Dalton’s story:

"I am a house flipper so I’m used to dealing with unexpected expenses and repairs. When almost two feet of water greeted me in one of my properties, I knew I was in for a lot of work. We removed all of the flooring, wallboard and insulation only to discover all of the wood studs covered in live black mold and a strong unpleasant odor. I set up two Oz Pro/Air units and let them operate for several days. The mold became a dark dry powder that we easily be brushed off and the odor was gone."



Oz puts mother nature’s most powerful cleaning agent to work for you.

  • Oz Pro/Air is sized to fit into small spaces, such as underneath your home, to destroy odors.

  • Oz Pro/Air has professional level ozone output, strong enough to purify the air in large spaces.

  • Oz Pro/Air has three fan speeds to disperse as much ozone throughout an area as possible.

  • Oz Pro/Air has four timing options, allowing you to disperse ozone in intervals.

  • Oz Pro/Air has has three repeat options, conveniently allowing you to run the machine even when you are not nearby.

  • Oz Pro/Air provides you with a chemical free solution strong enough to kill mold and mildew, yet does not produce harmful byproducts or residues.

Ozone: Mother Nature's Cleaner

Mother nature uses ozone to help purify the air in times of heavy pollution and she also uses lightening’s electrical energy to make ozone, resulting in that pure, fresh smell you love after a rainstorm.

You can use ozone in the comfort of your home to help make household cleaning easier and more effective, to sanitize your meats and produce, to purify drinking water and more.

With Oz, The Wizard of Clean, you can generate ozone that lasts about 20 minutes, does its job and then safely returns to the oxygen we breathe. Green and sustainable, ozone is one of mother nature’s amazing gifts.

Oz freshens your car!

"After letting the Oz machine cycle for about an hour, I was amazed by how fresh my car smelled!"

- BK

Oz makes breathing easier!

"I'm breathing better thanks to my portable Oz!"

– Van S.

Oz makes traveling a breeze!

"We loved our camper, but the smelly interior was unbearable until we purchased our portable Oz. Now, traveling is a breeze!"

- Don

Oz Pro/Air

Voltage: 110/120V 50/60HZ

Power at fan settings: 110, 115, 125 W

Ozone Output: 3,500 or 7,000 mg/hour

Timer: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours

Air flow rate: 50, 100, 150 CFM

Dimensions: 5.5 x 12 x 10.5 Inches

Weight: 12.5 pounds

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Oz products are manufactured by Tennessee Innovative Products, LLC. For our commercial product lines, please visit our sister company Quail Systems, LLC.