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Launch Day

March 1, 2017

We’ve been working since we received our first inventory order on January 31, 2017 to launch our internet sales. In this time we’ve had great fun working with our dealers and making sales directly to customers. The feedback we’re getting has been amazing and finally here we are on Monday, May 1 launching ads online and taking our company to a new level. We are so appreciative to everyone who has been on this journey with us and are looking forward to our next chapter.


Oz kills strong odors!

"When our dog chased a skunk under our home, the smell was unbearable. Oz Pro got rid of the skunk smell and gave us our home back!"

- Jennifer

Oz makes breathing easier!

"I'm breathing better thanks to my portable Oz!"

– Van S.

Oz freshens your car!

"After letting the Oz machine cycle for about an hour, I was amazed by how fresh my car smelled!"

- BK

Oz destroys mold and mildew!

"Mold and mildew in my bathroom disappeared because of the sanitizing power of my Oz portable!"

- Joe N.

Oz makes traveling a breeze!

"We loved our camper, but the smelly interior was unbearable until we purchased our portable Oz. Now, traveling is a breeze!"

- Don

Oz extends shelf life of produce!

"My family enjoys cleaner fruits and vegetables and a fresher home thanks to Oz!"

- Brenda

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Oz products are manufactured by Tennessee Innovative Products, LLC. For our commercial product lines, please visit our sister company Quail Systems, LLC.