Case: Malodorous Mouth Piece

Recommendation: Soak in Ozonated water

Result: Odor free Mouthpiece and continued use for home remedies

Barbara's story:

My mouthpiece that I sleep in overnight had an odor that lingered. No matter how much I scrubbed or soaked it, I could still smell it. After a friend introduced me to Oz, I soaked my mouthpiece in ozonated water. In just one use the odor was gone. The freshness was a relief and I thought of other ways I could use Oz in my everyday life. Now I gargle with ozonated water for a sore throat or when I have sinus issues. During cold and flu season, I always wash my hands with ozonated water just to be on the safe side. Even my houseplants and flowers look greener and grow faster now that I’m using it. There are just so many ways to use the Oz system that I’m still discovering them. I often tell my friends and family to give it a try.

Case: Fear of the Dirty Dozens (germs on fruit)

Recommendation: Wash in ozonated water

Result: Fruit is free of germs and contaminants

Brenda’s story:

I spent a lot of time researching the best way to protect my family from harmful pesticides and germs on our produce. I’ll admit I have a fear of contaminated fruits and vegetables. I decided to purchase an ozone generator and the first thing I did was use ozonated water to wash my grapes and lettuce. Immediately I noticed our fruits and vegetables last longer and I can ‘feel’ the difference. I also use it around my kitchen to sterilize my cooking surfaces. Oz has taken away my fears about spreading salmonella and other contaminants in my kitchen. I realized that using ozone keeps the air fresh and now we don’t smell the kitty litter when we enter our home. It’s comforting to know my Oz generator is around to clean up the things I can’t.

Case: Sensitive allergies

Recommendation: Use Oz to treat high traffic areas

Result: Fresher air at home

Van’s story:

My asthma caused me many restless nights but once I purchased an Oz portable for my bedroom and bathroom areas, I’m breathing better and my eyes no longer feel red and itchy in the mornings. Now, I use my portable Oz in my walk-in closet to keep my clothes fresh and in my car to remove the smoke odors.