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    Oz kills strong odors!

    "When our dog chased a skunk under our home, the smell was unbearable. Oz Pro got rid of the skunk smell and gave us our home back!"

    - Jennifer

    Oz makes breathing easier!

    "I'm breathing better thanks to my portable Oz!"

    – Van S.

    Oz freshens your car!

    "After letting the Oz machine cycle for about an hour, I was amazed by how fresh my car smelled!"

    - BK

    Oz destroys mold and mildew!

    "Mold and mildew in my bathroom disappeared because of the sanitizing power of my Oz portable!"

    - Joe N.

    Oz makes traveling a breeze!

    "We loved our camper, but the smelly interior was unbearable until we purchased our portable Oz. Now, traveling is a breeze!"

    - Don

    Oz extends shelf life of produce!

    "My family enjoys cleaner fruits and vegetables and a fresher home thanks to Oz!"

    - Brenda

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    Oz products are manufactured by Tennessee Innovative Products, LLC. For our commercial product lines, please visit our sister company Quail Systems, LLC.