Perfect use for your home

Oz Air & Water allows you to use ozonated water to clean counters and floors in your home, to sanitize clothing, dishes, toys and other household items, or even to bathe your pet. It can also be used to kill bacteria on fruits, vegetables and meats.

Home/Work Uses

Daily Disinfection

Quickly sanitize toys, clothing, dishes, tableware, and other household items that tend to get dirty.


Take better care of your pets with ozonated water. It’s perfect for bathing, removing odor, preventing growth of skin bacteria, and reducing flea breeding.


Clean floors in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms to prevent the buildup of bacteria and mold.

Food Uses


Simply rinse fruits and vegetables to neutralize residual pesticides and fertilizers and kill any surface bacteria and viruses. You’ll love how long your fruits and vegetables stay fresh and how good they taste.

Meat & Poultry

To kill salmonella, E. coli, and other harmful microbes, simply rinse and soak meat and poultry in ozonated water. You can extend shelf life by 2-5x, as well as neutralize residual hormones.


Rinse and soak fish in ozonated water to remove fishy odor and kill microbes.

Hygiene Uses

Water Purification

Oz has a concentration setting that gives you pure water. You can quickly improve the quality of regular tap water with disinfection, removal of impurities from decomposition and oxidation, removal of residual chlorine, oxidation of heavy
metals, and clarification through oxidation.

Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, and gargle with ozonated water to prevent oral diseases, such as gingivitis, and freshen your breath.


Add ozonated water to your washing, shampooing, and bathing routines to activate epidermal cells and remove skin bacteria.

Hand Washing

Ozonate your tap water before you do dishes and wash your hands.

Ozone seeks out and kills pathogens.

Dr. Joshua Birkebak, Ph.D., laboratory manager at Assured Bio, explains the science behind ozone and its many benefits.

Ozone is mother nature’s cleanser. It is naturally formed and can be found within the stratospheric layer of our atmosphere; you probably know it as the “ozone layer.”

Mother Nature uses energy to trigger two oxygen atoms to collect a third, creating O3. When O3, or ozone, encounters a pathogen, one of the oxygen atoms separates, pierces the cell wall and destroys it. After ozone’s purifying work is done, all that remains is O2 — the oxygen we breathe. The FDA, USDA and EPA have approved ozone as an antimicrobial disinfectant. 3,000 times faster and 50% more powerful than bleach, ozone kills staph, salmonella, ecoli, listeria, strep, MRSA, mold, mildew and more. . . and leaves no chemical residue.

Case: Malodorous Mouth Piece

Recommendation: Soak in Ozonated water

Result: Odor free Mouthpiece and continued use for home remedies

Barbara's story:

"My mouthpiece that I sleep in overnight had an odor that lingered. No matter how much I scrubbed or soaked it, I could still smell it. After a friend introduced me to Oz, I soaked my mouthpiece in ozonated water. In just one use the odor was gone. The freshness was a relief and I thought of other ways I could use Oz in my everyday life. Now I gargle with ozonated water for a sore throat or when I have sinus issues. During cold and flu season, I always wash my hands with ozonated water just to be on the safe side. Even my houseplants and flowers look greener and grow faster now that I’m using it. There are just so many ways to use the Oz system that I’m still discovering them. I often tell my friends and family to give it a try."

Case: Fear of the Dirty Dozens (germs on fruit)

Recommendation: Wash in ozonated water

Result: Fruit is free of germs and contaminants

Brenda’s story:

"I spent a lot of time researching the best way to protect my family from harmful pesticides and germs on our produce. I’ll admit I have a fear of contaminated fruits and vegetables. I decided to purchase an ozone generator and the first thing I did was use ozonated water to wash my grapes and lettuce. Immediately I noticed our fruits and vegetables last longer and I can ‘feel’ the difference. I also use it around my kitchen to sterilize my cooking surfaces. Oz has taken away my fears about spreading salmonella and other contaminants in my kitchen. I realized that using ozone keeps the air fresh and now we don’t smell the kitty litter when we enter our home. It’s comforting to know my Oz generator is around to clean up the things I can’t."

Case: Bitter Brew

Recommendation: Use Oz treated water

Result: Flavorful and better tasting coffee

Sara’s story:

"Being a coffee-snob, I always thought the recipe for good coffee at home was simply a good blend plus an old-school percolator. That is, until the day that I bought an Oz. I decided that I would try my hand at filling the coffee pot with ozonated water instead of the regular water which I had been using. It was a total game-changer! It was by far the best cup of coffee that I have ever had! Truly good coffee begins with pure, clean water! The richness of the blend and its unique flavors show out when I use it. I haven’t had my coffee any other way since thanks to Oz."



Oz puts mother nature’s most powerful cleaning agent to work for you.

  • Oz Air & Water is the perfect, lightweight unit for you to move around your house from one room to the next.

  • Oz Air & Water has easy-to-use timer functions, so you can run the machine, even if you are not home.

  • Oz Air & Water has a powerful yet safe ozone output. This unit is made to keep your home cleaner and your family safer.

  • Oz Air & Water allows you to create ozone for use in both air and water applications with one unit.

  • Oz Air & Water provides you with a chemical free solution that leaves behind no harmful byproducts or residues.

  • Oz Air & Water gives you the power to eliminate odors and germs at the simple press of a button. Nothing to refill. Nothing to dispose of.

Ozone: Mother Nature's Cleaner

Mother nature uses ozone to help purify the air in times of heavy pollution and she also uses lightening’s electrical energy to make ozone, resulting in that pure, fresh smell you love after a rainstorm.

You can use ozone in the comfort of your home to help make household cleaning easier and more effective, to sanitize your meats and produce, to purify drinking water and more.

With Oz, The Wizard of Clean, you can generate ozone that lasts about 20 minutes, does its job and then safely returns to the oxygen we breathe. Green and sustainable, ozone is one of mother nature’s amazing gifts.

Oz freshens your car!

"After letting the Oz machine cycle for about an hour, I was amazed by how fresh my car smelled!"

- BK

Oz makes breathing easier!

"I'm breathing better thanks to my portable Oz!"

– Van S.

Oz makes traveling a breeze!

"We loved our camper, but the smelly interior was unbearable until we purchased our portable Oz. Now, traveling is a breeze!"

- Don

Oz Air & Water

Voltage: 110/120V 50/60HZ

Ozone Output: 800 mg/hour

Timer: Six settings that run for 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes.
Three settings indicated by a blue dot that will run for 5, 10, or 30 minutes every hour until the unit is turned off.

Dimensions: 4.25” x 4.375″ x 8.375″

Weight: 1.6 pounds

Download User Manual


Faucet Aerator

The faucet aerator connection your Oz Air & Water Ozone Generator directly to a faucet. The aerator creates a vacuum, that when the unit is turned on along with the faucet, will instantly create ozonated water. This allows you to create large volumes of ozonated water without having to wait as you do when using the diffuser stone. The faucet aerator fits most standard faucets.


Oz products are manufactured by Tennessee Innovative Products, LLC. For our commercial product lines, please visit our sister company Quail Systems, LLC.